RaceCapture/Track MK2

RaceCapture/Track MK2

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Introducing RaceCapture/Track MK2

You’re a driver with wants and needs. You want faster lap times. You need to keep an eye on your gauges. You want something easy to use and understand. You need powerful data acquisition. RaceCapture/Track MK2 has you covered!

Compact, plug and play with professional features

About the size of a deck of playing cards, RaceCapture/Track MK2 packs professional features into a compact and lightweight form factor.  Plus, the plug and play OBDII installation makes it super easy to get going!


RaceCapture App: runs everywhere!

RaceCapture/Track includes easy to use RaceCapture App, which provides a real-time dashboard and access to all setup features – right at the touch of your finger.


The included RaceCapture app runs on nearly every device – Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Apple OSX.

You can even run it on a Raspberry Pi for that ultimate car hacking experience!

Multi-screen, customizable dashboard

Use your Android or iOS device as a powerful dashboard with ultra fast sensor response!

Powerful predictive lap timer with real-time performance feedback

It’s like a racing coach right on your dash! The predictive lap timer gives instant visual feedback so you know where you’re falling behind compared to your best lap.

Customizable alarms and warnings help you keep tabs on your engine

Customize gauge colors based on warning conditions and pop-up alerts if things go critical!

Advanced visualizations to get the most out of your connected sensors

What good are a ton of sensor channels without the ability to visualize them? If you have the sensors connected to RaceCapture you can vibrantly visualize data such as tire temperatures, brake temperatures, and more!

Live stream and share your racing to Podium


Live-stream your racing to Podium, the social network where you can do real-time analysis on engine, chassis, and driver performance. Share and compare your laps with crew, friends, race coaches, and fans around the world.

Powerful, instant analysis – no need to transfer files 

Your data streams in real-time to Podium where it can be reviewed by race coaches, monitored by your pit crew, or broadcast to fans around the world, right now! Uncover what will make a difference in your driving or car performance during your race or practice, while still on track. No files to to transfer and no data cables to connect!

Powerful time-gap analysis

Compare laps in real time and see where on track you’re falling behind or gaining time – race coaches will love the ability to tune the nut behind the wheel while the driver is on track – no need for off-line “data download” classrooms!

Compare your laps between friends and sessions

Regardless of the system your friends are using, you’ll be able to compare lap times, sensors, GPS position, driving line and more using the powerful tools available on Podium – across many laps or just one:

Over 100 sensor channels

Don’t let the small size fool you: RaceCapture/Track packs the ability to map over 100 sensor channels across engine, chassis, driver, GPS, and accelerometer/gyro sensors!


Direct CAN bus connectivity connects any system

Far beyond your ordinary OBDII connection. Map up to 100 direct CAN channels from any compatible ECU or sensor network – even aftermarket ECUs and sensor networks!

Factory OBDII support

Map up to 20 channels of data from any OBDII compatible vehicle – even 1996-2007 models with the optional legacy OBDII adapter!

Dual CAN bus networks

Normally only available in high end data systems, RaceCapture/Track offers two CAN bus networks for maximum versatility.

You can connect the first CAN bus to your ECU, and the second to a sensor network, such as a tire temperature, analog, EGT, driver health sensors and more. The possibilities are nearly limitless!

High performance GPS with external antenna

Normally reserved for professional motorsport systems, RaceCapture/Track has a high performance GPS system with an external magnetic mount antenna. This allows optimal mounting for best GPS accuracy, improving track mapping and lap time precision.

Stealth Installation

Install RaceCapture/Track in nearly any location you can fit it- great for stealth permanent installation!


Accelerometer + Gyro: Built in

No need to rely on your phone’s sensors! RaceCapture/Track features a dedicated high performance 6 axis accelerometer and gyro – calibrate it once and you’re good to go!

Bluetooth + WiFi connectivity

Dual Bluetooth + WiFi wireless connectivity gives the best connectivity option for the mobile device you’re running.


Connect your iOS device via WiFi, or enjoy both Bluetooth and WiFi for your Android devices.  The high speed wireless link is super responsive!

GoPro Camera control

Got a GoPro Hero 2/3/4/5 ? You can automatically start / stop your camera via the GoPro’s WiFi connection based on a speed trigger or other sensor. It’s super powerful and lets you create precisely synchronized data + video logs.

Easily export to RaceRender or Dashware

RaceCapture exports plain CSV data that lets you easily export to your favorite overlay software. Use the GoPro camera control for pre-synchronized video + data files, making rendering a snap!

Check out John Freund’s fast lap from Hyperfest 2018!

What’s in the Box

  • RaceCapture/Track MK2
  • OBDII cable (Legacy OBDII adapter when Legacy OBDII option is selected)
  • External GPS antenna
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free RaceCapture app (download from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon App store)

Full Specifications

Analog Inputs
Channels Battery Voltage (Internally connected) (0-20v)
CAN Channels 2
CAN baud rate 125K, 250K, 500K, 1M Baud
CAN filters 14 per channel
Protocol Support OBDII PID, custom CAN mapping
CAN Bus CAN 2.0 compatible, 1M baud
CAN termination Internal jumper controlled; termination disabled by default
CAN channels supported 100
Cellular Telemetry
Via RaceCapture App 3G/4G depending on mobile device’s capability (phone) or connected tablet + hotspot
Maximum Sample Rate 10Hz (1/5/10Hz supported)
GPS Engine 1/5/10/25/50Hz native
GPS Antenna External / Magnetic roof mount
Wireless (WiFI)
WiFi 802.11bgn
WiFi Modes Access Point, Infrastructure
Maximum Sample Rate (dashboard link) 50Hz
Wireless (Bluetooth)
Bluetooth (high speed) 2.0/2.1 EDR
Maximum Sample Rate (dashboard link) 50Hz
General Features
Maximum Sample Rate 50Hz
Predictive Lap Timing Built-in
Track Mapping Circuit and point-point
Track maps Unlimited – update from cloud
Sectors per track 20
Analysis Included in the RaceCapture App + podium.live
Export data format Plain CSV (RaceRender and Dashware compatible)
Scripting / Customization
Real-time virtual (math) channels / custom channel mapping Via on-board Lua scripting
Virtual Channels 100
Dimensions 76.2 x 50 x 22mm (3 x 2 x 0.85in)
Temperature range -40 to 85c
Environmental IP50 rated
Weight 170g (6 oz)
Physical RJ45 Connector, 8 pins provides power + OBDII / CAN connectivity
SMA for external GPS antenna
Power Consumption (max) 1.6W


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