Understanding kart performance - Part 1

Kart Oakleigh Overview

Last week MKC did a great job adding a PodiumConnect and AiM sensors to the MyChron5 on our test kart, the results are amazing and have provided more than enough intelligence to keep improving times.  Checkout the attached images showing Podium.Live telemetry and kart sensor locations.

  1. AiM MyChron5 dashboard
  2. PodiumConnect mounted under nassau panel.  AiM Data Hub 4 Port mounted under front clip.
  3. PodiumConnect 4/5G aerial mounted safely on nassau panel
  4. Steering trace sensor
  5. Accelerator trace sensor
  6. Brake trace sensor

The ability through the Podium to receive LIVE telemetry just makes coaching and feedback so much easier and quicker...

Below is the new Podium app running on a 12.6" iPad Pro, the new app allows you to completely customise each metric coming out of the kart and display it the way you want it seen.  The folks at ASL have ported this app to iOS, Android, OSX and Windows 10. Talk about taking your coaching to a new level, no more "I think you need more braking/steering" discussions after the fact...

Contact us to get you setup and going.

Next steps, review the MyChron5's ability increase telemetry sample rates (Hz) from 10 to 20++ we know this is possible for the GPS but are not sure about other data.  Also review if ancillary metrics available from RaceStudio3, shown under Devices/Live Measures are able to be pushed out via PodiumConnect.

Understanding kart performance - Part 2 is here.