RaceCapture and LUA

LUA scripting examples for RaceCapture, checkout this link from AutoSportsLabs

This covers the following:

    1 How to set a script in the RaceCapture app
    2 API Reference
    3 OBDII tricks
        3.1 Clear current trouble codes
        3.2 Query and Decode Diagnostic Trouble Code
    4 Data filtering
        4.1 Simple RPM Filter
    5 Automatic logging control
        5.1 Automatically Start Logging When Powered On
        5.2 Automatically Start Logging based on GPS Speed
        5.3 Automatically Start Logging when engine is running
        5.4 Automatically start Logging upon Launch (AutoX / Rally / Hill Climb)
    6 Virtual Channels (AKA Math Channels)
        6.1 Averaging a fuel level reading or other sensor
        6.2 Average two sensor values and set to a virtual channel
        6.3 Gear Calculation
        6.4 Throttle Position Calculation
        6.5 Brake Position Calculation
        6.6 Max RPM detection with GPIO reset
    7 Alerts/Notifications
        7.1 Create an over-rev marker
        7.2 Create an Impact marker
        7.3 Control a Fan or Pump switch based on Temp
        7.4 Alert driver via electro-shock if oil pressure below safe threshold
        7.5 Track Max RPM / Value
        7.6 Activate a GPIO when start finish line is crossed
        7.7 Temperature Warning Indicator Light
        7.8 Multi warning light
        7.9 Enable an LED if fuel level drops below 10%
        7.10 3 stage Sequential Shift Light
        7.11 ProFormance Meter
    8 CAN bus scripts
        8.1 Receive a CAN message on one bus and re-transmit on a different bus
        8.2 Send A CAN message with current GPS speed
        8.3 Send A CAN message with a temperature value
        8.4 Use RCP as a general purpose CAN data logger
        8.5 Receive a CAN message and set a virtual channel
        8.6 CAN bus loopback test
            8.6.1 Wiring / Setup
    9 Serial Port
        9.1 Read an analog sensor value and output it to the auxiliary serial port
        9.2 Read a line of serial data
    10 Demo Scripts
        10.1 RPM Sweep
        10.2 Simulating Laps